The India-wide curfew has triggered a migration of people. Many migrant workers from the cities can no longer feed themselves there and return to the villages mainly on foot. The markets have collapsed, agricultural products are hardly available or do not reach the hungry people. Many have become acutely unemployed and do not know how to feed themselves and their families. Also Kirpal Sagar has not been left without a trace. Workers who live on the compound can continue to be employed. Once you have passed the gates, you cannot enter without special permission from the authorities. Fortunately the cultivation of vegetables was intensified last year, so that now cauliflower, lettuce, potatoes, aubergines and other food plants are available in large quantities. There are still cereals from last year, such as wheat, rice and lentils. Kirpal Sagar received permission to sell agricultural products in the near surroundings at market prices which were usual before the crisis. The trips are used to provide poor people with the most basic necessities. The vast majority of the products are given free of charge to the needy, for which packages have been put together.