Aspects of the Projects Sustainability can actually be found in all KS-Plus projects. Even the children in school know nowadays that the ressources of this earth are not endless and that we have to be very careful to pass the planet to the next generations in a state which allows life furtheron. Renewable energies, protection of natural ressources like air, soil and water are included as an essential part of it.

Projects Sustainability: Renewable Energies

    • Renewable energies play a central role in our Projects Sustainability. In November 2017 the installation of photovoltaics on existing roofs in Kirpal Sagar was started. The aim is to cover about 50% of the annual electricity requirement. In the course of 2018, the target is 700 kWp. Currently, we continue to collect for the installation of solar panels on the Academy and its boarding school as well as on other buildings.

Projects Sustainability: minimising line losses, securing supply

    • With the use of photovoltaics on the roofs of Kirpal Sagar, the demands on the supply network also grew. The feed-in is decentralised, so that the supply lines to the respective buildings have to be designed both for the energy consumption of the building and for the feed-in of the installed solar panels. All this while minimising the losses caused by the lines. In addition to adapting the cable cross-sections, it is also necessary to upgrade the nodes. We are currently collecting funds for further expansion in the energy sector, among other things for the security of supply of the hospital as well as the academy and its boarding school.
  • Upgrade pipelines (€32,000), 05/22-06/23 100% 100%

Projects Sustainability: Clean Water

    • Clean Water is currently a major issue in Kirpal Sagar. The common systems like 3-chamber plants have their weaknesses in the rainy season because they are difficult to protect against flooding. At the moment, alternatives and additions are being sought with high pressure. KS-plus already supports and collects for the implementation.
  • Kläranlage bauen (11.000 €), 07/23-10/23 100% 100%
  • Abwasserleitung vervollständigen (5.000 €), 10/23-12/23 60% 60%

Waymarks and Events

Upgrade of electric lines

Higher current flows, especially due to the roof installations of photovoltaics, made it necessary to upgrade the ground lines in Kirpal Sagar, too. This will better counteract overloads, high line losses and, last but not least, fire hazards and grid failures....

Repair of power line

The 11 kV overhead line that supplies Kirpal Sagar with electricity is getting old, especially as far as the metal cables themselves are concerned. In May 2022, the line from Rahon to Kirpal Sagar was rewired and repaired at their own expense. This line is also used...

Upgrade of sanitary facilities

For some time now, the small building at the organic fields has been part of the teaching operation. Many visitors now come there to see integrated farming and circular economy in practice on a small area. This is an interesting...

Organic farming bears fruit

After turmeric roots in organic quality In March, the first organic apples could be harvested in April. By means of flowering plants, pollinating insects were offered a food basis beforehand. Since mid-May, courgettes and peppers have been diligently harvested from...

New Ranch Tunnels for Climbing Vegetables

The new ranch tunnels are progressing despite the Conora curfew. Instead of the planned wire mesh mats, which among other things are to provide support for cucumber plants, linen is being used temporarily, as otherwise no more cultivation would have been possible...

Sutlej run wild

For weeks, heavy rainfall in the Himalayas had caused rivers to swell to such an extent that

further 150 kWp connected

Since 2017, solar panels have been installed step by step on the roofs of Kirpal Sagar…

mobile Solar Panel

Water pumps for field irrigation run on diesel engines or require a lot of electricity. Most pumps are mobile…

Water Tank renovated

Kirpal Sagar has its own water tower since 1986. The last weeks it has been renovated and is now…

Solar Energy for Waterpumps

In summer, without irrigation, not much works in northern India. Traditionally, diesel pumps are used…


  • Biogas: upgrade of a reactor
  • Upgrade of medium voltage feeder line, underground cables, transfer facilities


  • Upgrade toilet facility in organic teaching farm


  • Completion of the upgrading of the gas pipelines started in 2016 (biogas from reactor to kitchens)*
  • Participation in acquisition costs of a photovoltaic plant on the roofs of Kirpal Sagar

*= by members of KS-plus prior to its foundation in 2017