Projects: Health

together with the Hospital in Kirpal Sagar

Our Projects Health play an important role at KS-plus, most of them with the Charitable Hospital in the care of poor patients, who otherwise cannot afford.

Projects Healt: Ambulance Bus

    • The hospital has had an ambulance for a long time. In 2013, a second vehicle was added. In addition to classic patient transport between hospitals, both are also used to pick up patients at collection points. Public transport is practically non-existent in the flat countryside, which is why there is a need for a means of transporting the sick. In 2023, the vehicle, which is now 20 years old, had to be replaced. KS-plus contributed to the financing.
  • Ambulance bus (KS-plus part: 4.000 €), 10/23 100% 100%

Projects Health: Hospital Expansion and Extension

    • Extensions and improvements to the functionality of the building are in the pipeline. The upper floor of the functional wing is awaiting further construction, and a connection between the bed wing and the functional wing is to be built. In terms of infrastructure, the power connection was upgraded in 2023, a wastewater treatment plant is under construction, and KS-plus is doing its utmost to support the upgrading and expansion of facilities and buildings. Because we are also focusing on the development and expansion of the departments, it is the project with the most extensive agenda from the group of health projects.

  • Extension upper floor (need 20.000 €) 10/23-. 20% 20%

Projects Healt: Dental Care

    • The hospital received a dental treatment unit in early 2019. A treatment room was set up and an existing dental chair was installed. KS-plus provided the financial resources. Since then, the X-ray has been upgraded and the chair replaced. In the medium term, the X-ray is to become digital, and a mobile drilling unit is also to extend the radius of action.

Projects Healt: Eye Department

    • More than thirty years ago, eye series examinations were introduced at Kirpal Sagar Hospital, first once a year, then several times. Surgical appointments for cataract removal followed, initially as a simple cataract procedure, then also with the use of an artificial lens. The need grew, as did the legal requirements. Since 2017, new examination equipment has been gradually acquired, and in 2022 the new eye surgery room could be put into operation. Fixed consultation hours, preliminary and follow-up examinations are established, cataract operations take place regularly. KS-plus is involved in planning, procurement and financing.

Projects Health: IT and Data Management

    • Advice on upgrading data processing (since 2014*), search for suitable open source programs (hospital information system). These are designed for large hospitals and require extensive adaptation, which is why a simple, tailor-made solution is envisaged. The first drafts of the program’s user interface were presented on site in 2019, and many other organizational processes were integrated into the concept. In a first step, the existing administration system is to be replicated on a modern database basis. In a second step, additional functions will be integrated in close cooperation with the management and the employees on site.
  • *by members of KS-plus e.V. before it was founded in 2017

Projects Health: using regenerative energies, conserving resources

    • Without electricity, there would be no X-rays, no ultrasound examinations, no laboratory tests, no air conditioning in the operating room. Hospitals are therefore real electricity guzzlers. As a rule, the more active the hospital, the more electricity is required. To reduce the ecological footprint, a further strengthening of photovoltaics in Kirpal Sagar has been projected, as well as the adaptation of the power grid for 2022 to reduce line losses. A plant is to be built on the bed wing in the medium term. Although it may not be obvious at first glance, the use of renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels also has a health dimension. India gets most of its electrical energy from coal-fired power generation, in a country where dense smog in the fall regularly leads to driving bans. Thus, the use of photovoltaics in a broader sense is also one of the projects health.
      The supplying power line network was upgraded from 2022
      A wastewater treatment plant is being built in October 2023.
  • Power line network (needs €32,000), 04/22-06/23 100% 100%
  • Wastewater treatment plant (need € 11,000), 05/23-10/23 100% 100%
  • PV-Module Teil 2 (Bedarf 10.000 €), 01/24- 0% 0%
    • current reporting about the hospital, also about the health service in India
    • help with the employment of the mobile hospital of the partner organization BSK Welfare Society, occupied with personnel of the hospital
    • advice and project planning of the further development of the functional wing (since 2012*)
    • consultation with the long-term hospital planning (since 1992*)
  • *by members of KS-plus e.V. before it was founded in 2017

The Hospital today from above, and the next steps…

Waymarks and Events

Planning wastewater treatment plant

The planning for the sewage treatment plant is entering the hot phase. A closed wastewater treatment plant is to be built near the hospital. An engineering firm for environmental technology has already prepared the planning and submitted an offer for the required...

Spezial OT for eye operations inaugurated

After a good year, the eye surgery room was ceremoniously put into operation. The room was newly built and adjoins the recovery room. It now provides a permanent home for the sensitive ophthalmological microscope. Thus, two operating rooms are available in the...

An A-scan for the Eye Department

In the meantime, the first new device for the eye department at the hospital has been delivered. The support of the Swiss Rotary Club Emmen makes it possible. The special ultrasound device will facilitate the care of eye patients in the future, especially when it...

New devices for the eye department

The eye department at the hospital is about to take the next big step. The support of the Swiss Rotary Club of Emmen has made it possible to purchase two long-awaited pieces of equipment and to expand a room into an eye operating theatre. A special ultrasound device...

COVID-19 vaccinations at the hospital

At the end of April, a government mobile vaccination team came to Kirpal Sagar Hospital to vaccinate mainly elderly patients against the corona virus. India is in a hard lockdown and has to deal with exploding case numbers as well as highly contagious mutants of the...

Hospital support in Corona-Crisis

KS-plus sent 3.000 Euro in April 2020 to meet the urgent needs of the hospital in Kirpal Sagar to be prepared for Corona infections. As ordered by the Government, Kirpal Sagar disinfected buildings and rooms and prepared to shelter 200 corona-patients in the hostel.

Update Hospital Data Processing

In 2020 we will care about the requirements analysis for our data processing system. This will be carried out by a specialised Indian supplier. Our programming specialist will be on site in Kirpal Sagar. In the run-up to the project, the existing structures and...

Expension Plans concretized

Following the surveying and inventory in 2018 and 2019, the first plans have now been drawn up…

Digitizer in Action

Whereas previously a classic film image was developed in the darkroom, a digitisation…

Rush before Office Hours

The hospital has been offering consultation hours in general medicine, internal medicine and eye tests…

Teeth ok, all ok

The new offer at the hospital, the consultation hours of a dentist, are well accepted. Especially for the poorer rural population…

Dental Unit inaugurated

On 03 February 2019, the new dental treatment unit at the hospital was inaugurated. Within a few months…

Medical Camp

On February 03 a medical camp took place next to the hospital. Already weeks before…

Dental Chair arrived

A used dental chair recently arrived at Kirpal Sagar Hospital. It had already been expected for some time and is now…

Excursion to Hospital

In classes 11 and 12, the Academy offers several branches, including the “medical branch”, which prepares students for…

Slit Lamp for Eye Check-Up

First use of the new equipment! Slit lamp and ophthalmic equipment passed their first test at the medical camp around the Kirpal Sagar…

Ventilation Training

On November 2nd a training for emergency room staff took place at the Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital. Four nurses practiced…

Structural Inventory of the Hospital

In November 2017, the functional wing of the hospital was examined more closely. After all, the outer shell is already…


  • power supply upgraded
  • wastewater treatment plant built


  • new room for eye operations
  • Supplementation of the ophthalmological measuring devices


  • Assessment of hospital EDP by Indian specialist company
  • COVID-19 Emergency aid


  • Inauguration of the new dental treatment unit


  • Purchase of an eye examination instrument


  • Ventilation training with nurses of the emergency room
  • Purchase of two resuscitation dolls for the hospital and the schools


    • Clarification of the legal framework for the deployment of foreign doctors and nurses
    • Clarification with foreign foundations and public institutions