Welcome to KS-plus

the supporters of Kirpal Sagar’s charitable institutions and activities.

KS-plus. Non-profit. Charitable.

KS-plus was founded in March 2017 by eight people from Germany, Croatia and Austria.

KS-plus is an association under German law. Because its statutes were confirmed by the tax office in Passau, which also regularly checks the books and activities, KS-plus e.V. is recognized as a non-profit and charitable organization.

Support association with its own activities.

For the charitable institutions and activities of Kirpal Sagar we collect donations and actively contribute ourselves on site.

In addition to health and hospital, our focus is on the education of young and old. We support and promote a sustainable, broad-based way of life, too. Kirpal Sagar itself is part of a non-profit association under Indian law.

The goal of our help: Kirpal Sagar

Kirpal Sagar has many facilities such as a hospital, schools, a college, an old people’s home, sustainable agriculture, an event hall with guest house and much more, and stands for

* Tolerance and international understanding
* Education and culture
* social commitment
* Help for the needy
* Sustainability, also in agriculture

People who are close to this place are committed to this worldwide.

KS-plus is part of this community and supports Kirpal Sagar with words and deeds.

​What does KS-plus in concrete terms?

We ourselves are active in India as well as in Europe. We arrange contacts and support Kirpal Sagar conceptually and organizationally.

Several KS-Plus projects are currently underway with the Kirpal Sagar Hospital and the Academy. Projects on sustainability and regenerative energies are affiliated to these two institutions. Aspects of universal cooperation and international understanding are closely interwoven and inseparably linked with the individual projects.

KS-plus Self-conception

Because the aspect “help for self-help” is in the center of all efforts, we also coordinate closely with the bearer of Kirpal Sagar.

Meeting at eye level, appreciating, sharing knowledge and experience and exchanging ideas is the oil for the transmission that keeps everything running smoothly. This is a challenge that we are happy to take up, but at the same time it is also an experience that gives us a rich gift.

New Videoclip about the Hospital available: click here!

Our Topics in the Team:

Medicine and psychology

School education, adult education, studies and language

Architecture and constructional engineering

Business management including economic and medical controlling

Law including international law and association law

Installation (water, waste water, heating, sustainable energies)

Consulting and project management

Data processing and programming

Reporting and publication (print, electronic media)