The term sustainability (wikipedia) seems to be little bit worn out. Just a few words about what we mean in this context.

  • To treat the earth and its living beings so gently that the following generations will find no wasteland.
  • To remove the focus away from one’s own needs to such an extent that a wider view, a long-term oriented view gets a chance, similar to the parents who bridle their needs in favour of caring for their children out of love and affection.
  • To prevent focussing huge amounts of small details instead of concentrating on the major interrelations

If that is too vague for you now and the well-known Goethe quote comes to mind (Dr. Faustus, part 1: the message I hear loud and clear, alas, I still lack the faith), you are welcome to venture deeper insights into daily practice.

Valuable agriculture, protection of the soil from erosion by wind and water, conservation of water reserves and a shift to renewable energies would be well worth a detour.

There is certainly still a lot to do, but in the beginning it usually takes a courageous decision and a first step.

girl in rural area: what the future will be like?

poverty of the aged, a growing problem

Learning to pass knowledge to others lateron

UN Millennium Development Goals

1. fighting poverty and hunger (including full employment in decent work for all).

2. primary education for all and 3. gender equality / empowerment of women

4. reducing child mortality and 5./6. improving health services


6. combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other major diseases

7. environmental sustainability (e.g. reducing the destruction of environmental resources, reducing the loss of biodiversity, providing access to clean water).

8. building a global partnership for development