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Visum & Co:

At the moment the cheapest and easiest way to get a visa is the online application (E-Visa): 1 week before departure at the latest, valid for up to 6 months, the visa comes by mail or is displayed with its link on the official website, the printout is taken along and presented at the entry desk.

Note: Can also be applied for with a foreign passport, e.g. Czech citizen living in Germany, can now also apply online in Germany.

E-Visumantrag Indien   Bearbeitungsstand E-Visum Indien


Weather, Journey and Culture

Weather in India

Geschichte Indiens (Wikipedia)

Travel Guide (Wikivoyage)

Religions in India (in short on a travel agency’s page) (bei statistika)

figures, data, facts: Indien Census



Times of India

economic Times


selected Press reports  (german language)

report from 2017 dealing with the conversion of agricultural land in Kirpal Sagar from conventional way of agriculture to biological way (source: mittelbayerische Zeitung, Regensburg)

report about “Students save lifes” at the Academy in Kirpal Sagar (source: Passauer Neue Presse, Passau)


Blue Book of german doctors

Handbook for doctors and nurses working abroad