International Unterstanding

Knowing about differences, valueing the connecting links

An ounce of practice is worth more

than tons of theories.


is a popular saying in India as well. It is also suitable for international understanding. Close cooperation between people from different nations and cultures makes a contribution in this respect, all the more so when it has become a matter of course in everyday life. Do we then need more words, more ambitious programmes for the future? A clear yes to that.

Is it not like a well-kept garden, when the gardener leans back and says, now everything fits? How fast one sees nothing more of the efforts of the past, if it lacks steadiness… In the Academy it is advantageous with regard to international understanding that pupils from Europe as well as North America are enrolled. The honorary helpers in Kirpal Sagar come from most diverse countries and regions. At conferences there is an international audience in the province of Punjab.