More than 50 listeners came to the kick-off event of the annual program 2018 at 17:00 o’clock in the cultural center HNKKJ in Waldkirchen in the Bavarian forest under the motto “Indian evening – a somewhat different travel report” and was organized by KS-plus e.V.. Tea lights and flower decorations between the chairs, the gentle smell of Indian spiced tea and soft piano tones put the visitors in the right mood. The pianist Tatiana Sverko had put together ten well-chosen musical contributions, from Indian Bhajan to the late Romantics Satie and Debussy to arrangements of current compositions. They divided the lecture with the emphasis on health (Dr. Walter Stadlmeyer), education (Martina Stadlmeyer) and current projects, embedded in a personally colored report on the development of Kirpal Sagar. For the break, busy hands had conjured up a buffet: cakes and tarts, coffee and the typical North Indian spiced tea, as well as finger food and snacks. It resulted in many stimulating discussions, the last visitors went shortly before 21 o’clock. “One can hardly believe it that so many listeners for such a special topic came” was the comment of a visitor prevented because of other date, an estimate, to which the scarcely 20 participants, aids and musicians could only follow.