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The brochure Kirpal Sagar by KS-plus e.V. gives an overview of all the activities in the field of charity, charitable work and sustainability that have taken place in Kirpal Sagar in 2020 – without claiming to be complete. It is part of a series listed by ISSN at the German National Library. The electronic media carriers are grouped under ISBN 978-3-948764-24-1. KS-plus makes the electronic publications available free of charge.

Now briefly to the content of the brochure. After an excursus into the history of the place, the reader learns about the broad spectrum of sustainability goals that are pursued here. An interview with an Austrian organic farmer gives a glimpse behind the scenes at Kirpal Sagar. A lot has happened at the Academy, and reports by several authors bring it to life. The hospital was further expanded. A lot of attention was paid to the infrastructure, especially the security of supply in the electricity grid. The wastewater treatment plant for the hospital was designed and could be completed in 2023. An outlook on upcoming measures at the hospital rounds off the report, which links to several podcasts and a video clip via QR codes.

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Titel (title): Kirpal Sagar annual report 2022
Person(en): Mitarbeiter KS-plus e.V.
Organisation(en): KS-plus e.V. (Freyung) (Verlag)
Ausgabe (edition): 1. edition
Verlag (publisher): Freyung: KS-plus e.V., Freunde und Förderer der gemeinnützigen Einrichtungen und Aktivitäten von Kirpal Sagar
Zeitliche Einordnung (date of publication): November 2022
Umfang/Format (pages/format): 36 pages: 120 illustrations; 29,6 x 21,0 cm
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