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The brochure Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital by KS-plus e.V. gives an overview of the hospital in Kirpal Sagar. The electronic media carriers are grouped under the ISBN 978-3-948764-09-8, the print version has its own ISBN number (978-3-948764-08-1). KS-plus provides the electronic publications free of charge. For a print version of the Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital brochure, please contact us via our contact form.

Now briefly to the contents of the brochure. After general data on the Indian health system, the reader learns about typical situations and challenges in health matters in the flat countryside of northern India, using the example of Jasbir Kaur’s grandmother. Since the hospital started operating in 1982, there is a lot to report from different perspectives. Spotlight details on other facilities in Kirpal Sagar as well as the most important persons round off the hospital history and allow a classification in the overall context. The text concludes with the current status and an outlook for the future.

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Titel (title): Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital
Person(en): Mitarbeiter KS-plus e.V.
Organisation(en): KS-plus e.V. (Freyung) (Verlag)
Ausgabe (edition): 1. Ausgabe
Verlag (publisher): Freyung: KS-plus e.V., Freunde und Förderer der gemeinnützigen Einrichtungen und Aktivitäten von Kirpal Sagar
Zeitliche Einordnung (time of publication): Erscheinungstermin: Januar 2021
Umfang/Format (number of pages, format): 24 Seiten: 63 Illustrationen; 21 x 14,6 cm
Andere Ausgaben (further publications): erscheint auch als Broschüre: Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital
ISBN/Einband/Preis (ISBN/price: 978-3-948764-09-8 EPUB-Datei: free; 978-3-948764-09-8
EAN 9783948764098
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