KS-plus Project: Eye-doctor at Kirpal Sagar Hospital

An Eye-doctor works at Kirpal Sagar Hospital since years at distinct days several times per year. In future this should be permanent. Therefore an eye-department including fix consultation hours is needed.

Correlation of Blindness to Poverty

Good eyes are almost indispensable in life, especially when you have no money. In Western countries there are specialized institutions for blind people where Braille and the use of the cane are taught. There are textbooks in Braille and a wide range of help from computers for the blind to domestic help. In India, the help offered depends on the financial strength of the family or the charity of others.

In addition to blindness that is more congenital or acquired at a very early age, there is also age blindness. Usually the cause is cataract, a progressive clouding of the eye lens. In addition, infections of the eyes are frequent in poor people. This is often due to the working conditions or the lack of protective equipment. Since poor people often have little or no education, they often do not know how to escape or counteract damaging influences.

Solution: Department for Eyes at Kirpal Sagar Hospital

At the beginning of the 1990s, teams came from outside, examined the eyes and operated on the cataract, then as a simple cataract sting with subsequent magnifying glasses. Then came the change to implantable artificial lenses, which were used for several years. In the meantime, a separate department must be set up for this purpose. The prerequisites for this are currently being created. The first device, a slit lamp, was purchased in 2018 for 1,500 € from KS-plus funds. The screening examinations are carried out by an orthoptist on site. The hospital primarily treats needy patients free of charge or for a small contribution to costs. This means that no instruments can be purchased, so that donations are necessary. In the next step, further equipment and finally the establishment of a separate room for eye surgeries are planned.

How can one help concretely?

Ophthalmologists are welcome to spend time on examinations. Please use our contact form.

Donations of a financial nature are also very welcome in this area. You can use our donation button or the account data in the footer.